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Anita Groover

Anita Paulette Groover was a professional student and she excelled in education, mirroring her father in the field of IT,  graduated from Howard University BS, later MA from Bowie State University. Besides being the a lead soprano in the Groovers and FOM choir, she skillfully demonstrated administration talents.  The family covered all areas of the ministry, she took care of the correspondents, booking, video recording and duplication, graphics and powerpoint presentation. She worked along side both Bishop and Mother Groover handling all of their needs. She was very passionate about the homeless and making sure that they were feed and clothed.  She would invest in dinners and brand new clothes for men, woman and children.  She allowed them to come and pick what the liked and and followed it up with a home cooked dinner that was served by the FOM teens in training. 

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She inspired the community outreach program for the homeless 

About Anita P. Groover

Anita Paulette Grover was born 1970 in Washington, DC. She was the youngest daughter of our beloved founders. She received her formal education in the Prince George’s County School System graduating from NW High School. Like her father before her, she excelled in the field of IT. She graduated Cum Laude from Howard University with a BS in Information Systems and from Bowie State University with a MS in Information Systems. She was an asset to every company she worked for, whether it be private sector or government agencies, but always paid it forward by serving her church family and community with these
same skills and talents. 

Anita was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost at an early age. She adored her family and took acute care of her loving parents. She accompanied her parents and nephew on many trips abroad. She adored her church family inspiring the community outreach program for the homeless and serving as chairwoman of the IT Committee and developed and maintained FOMC’s website. This community outreach program included Anita feeding and clothing the homeless, often on her own dime, and sharing a home-cooked meal. She was a great cook and used that gift space to mentor and encourage youth in their own pursuits and dreams. Additionally, Anita was an intricate part of COOLJC’s Mid-Atlantic Diocese where she produced the Conspectus and various printed materials for the Missionary Department. 

While her intelligence and precision were also displayed as a writer and orator, Anita could also sang! Her melodious lead soprano voice was heard in the FOMC choir, and she was also one third of ‘The Groover Sisters’, along with sisters Judy & Sonya.

Anita transitioned in 2008. She truly had a special personal touch rooted in unconditional love.