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Come be a part of Fisherman of Men Church (FOM) ministry, a church built on a strong legacy and foundation of Apostolic values in the Washington DC metro area. We are seeking a pastor willing to make a minimum 3-year commitment to work with us to revitalize and lead the church through the transition and into the future. We're pleased to accept qualified candidates. We are looking for an experienced pastor to help us continue and keep growing. If you're hard-working and dedicated, FOM is an ideal place for you to be. Apply today!

Responsibilities for Pastor

  • Prepare and deliver weekly sermons
  • Teach Bible Study and lesson 
  • Oversee and train ministerial leadership 
  • Administration limited to pastor’s staff 
  • Maintain a strong professional image reflective of the church’s mission
  • Conduct personal and premarital counseling services
  • Work with church board and advisory council to determine the direction of the church
  • Implement programs and events in alignment with the church's mission
  • Carry out community support initiatives such as trips and activities
  • Organizing charitable activities and church events
  • Caring for the congregation through hospital visits, funeral services, and prayers for special occasions
  • Perform weddings, conduct funerals, dedication of children, administer communion, and oversee the congregation 
  • Collaboration with Board of Directors of FOM 

Qualifications for Pastor

  • Possess a God given passion for FOM and community outreach
  • Minimum 5 years of experience as a pastor or assistant pastor
  • Must be ordained in Apostolic values of faith with current credentials
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong speaking and presentation skills
  • Good active listening and willingness to help
  • Service-oriented with genuine care for the wellbeing of people
  • Excellent social perceptiveness and engagement
  • Must be able to handle the sometimes strenuous physical and mental elements of being a pastor
  • Must be able to lead and motivate people and have integrity
  • Strong agreement with FOM’s mission, core values, covenant, and motto  

Applicant must demonstrate an agreement with FOM mission in the categories below:

Spiritual Maturity

  • Has received and accepted a calling from God for this unique ministry
  • Is committed to Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior and to the authority of scripture
  • Is a man who believes in the power of prayer, has a strong personal prayer and devotional life
  • Must be baptized in Jesus’ name and be filled with the Holy Ghost
  • Pursues righteousness and a godly life
  • Be theologically aligned with the FOM doctrine 


  • Has a deep understanding of sound doctrine and its use in life and ministry
  • Has a passion for God’s purpose for his church and its role in and for the world
  • Is committed to Christ-centered preaching and teaching
  • Has the ability to teach/preach the Bible to diversified audiences consistent with the gospel message


  • Ability to identify, motivate and train individuals and teams
  • Has excellent communication skills
  • Adaptable and resilient when confronted with barriers and setbacks
  • Able to accomplish tasks with limited resources
  • Exceptional problem solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Ability to work well with others in leadership positions


  • Lives in the DC metropolitan area or willing to relocate
  • Must be committed to FOM church only
  • Background check authorization required 

How to Apply

  • Fill out pastor application- Click here
  • Submit a cover letter and resume
  • Provide three references  from qualified family member, church leadership and community leader
  • Following the Interview process, qualified candidates will be asked to complete a trial sermon and bible study lesson
  • Deadline: Still accepting applications


Email us as admin@fishermanofmenchurch.org

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